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If you’re that really terrible grade of student where no amount of “How To…” guides and writing your own papers can save your grade, then buying a custom written essay online is one your last remaining hopes. The other is buying your essay on campus, but this is about the online purchase of a custom essay. By going with a professional essay writer, you’re getting quality papers for the price you pay for them. This means that if your grade or GPA isn’t too far into the tank, there’s still hope to keep it above water, bolster it, or even pull it out of the tank.

Sounds great, right? Of course it is. Let’s take a look at the two methods of getting a custom essay done online.

Freelance Sites

Freelance sites have a variety of writers available to do any number and kind of writing assignments for clients. While it requires you to sign up to the site—free of charge—it does give the client more freedom with pricing than an essay writing service would. You’ll regularly be in contact with your contractor and all you need to do is put the essay assignment up with a maximum price you’re willing to pay, and wait for bidders.

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While it might be tempting to take the lowest bidder, you’ll want to look at their profile and see how good they are. This is indicated by the amount of jobs they’ve done, how long they’ve been around, and their rating. These three are what you want in your writer regarding the site. Other things such as actual writing experience, grasp of English, and so on will be in their profile as well. After that, simply put the money into escrow, wait for the paper to be done while keeping in contact with your contractor, and pay them when done. You can also rate their performance accordingly. The rating is their market weight on that freelance site, so it’s unlikely they would jeopardize it by scamming.

Essay Writing Service

These can be found all over the internet. A reputable service will charge a base price around the kind of essay, the level of writer, and the time window for the essay. This is multiplied by the number of pages needed. While more secure and direct than finding a freelance writer out of many potential writers, you’re stuck with the price the service wants, you have to pay upfront, and you can’t exactly hurt them or call them out on salty service by rating them. On a bright note, with essay writing services given the amount you will pay for your essay, you’re guaranteed a quality paper each time.

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