Top 10 Technology Topics For An Essay: Ideas For High School Students

In the 21st century, it is more and more important for high school students to learn about technology. In fact, since the development of computers and the Internet, as well as a range of other technological devices, students need to have a good understanding of technology in order to have the best chance of developing a successful career late on in life. In fact, knowing about technology is not only useful for professional purposes, but can also be useful in a wide range of other situations in everyday life.

In order to learn about technology, it can be a good idea for high school students to write a variety of different academic papers. If you need to write an essay about technology, then you may be wondering what topics you can base your paper on. In order to give you some ideas about which topics you can use your technology essay, there is a list of suggestions below.

The following suggestions should be suitable for high school students; however, if you do not want to write about any of the suggestions written below, then you may wish to use various brainstorming techniques in order to think of other ideas. Furthermore, as well as using brainstorming techniques, it can be a good idea to read articles and past papers, or even talk to your friends and colleagues in order to get a bit of extra inspiration.

  1. - Discuss the development and devolution of the television
  2. - How has new technology to improve the efficiency of renewable energy sources?
  3. - Discuss the change in size of mobile phones since they were invented until the present day
  4. - An examination and analysis of the technology used to set new land speed records
  5. - Will solar panels ever be widely used to power airplanes or any other vehicles?
  6. - How has the Internet changed the way in which we shop for groceries and other essential items?
  7. - Why do the batteries on smartphones run out of power so quickly when other more powerful technological devices seem to last longer?
  8. - What technology is used in order to develop and produce 3-D films and television shows?
  9. - Why have 3-D televisions not have the same commercial success as HD televisions?
  10. - How has the Internet changed the way in which we consume music, television shows and films, and are media companies fighting a losing battle in the quest to prevent piracy?

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