What Is The Best Way To Start An Argumentative Essay?

The best way to handle any situation is to face it directly. There is no exception to the rule. You create a sense of surprise with your pro-action and thus, dilute the threat of the situation considerably. In a different light, this is exactly how you should handle an argumentative essay.

  • Assert your preference
  • You should clearly and assertively state your preference for a side of the argument in the introductory paragraph itself. This is more so while arguing which is better of the two given entities. The reader will straightaway realize the direction the essay is going to take. If his perspective is different to yours; he will like knowing the reasons why you have picked the side.

  • The topic
  • Let’s say; the topic is –

    Which is the preferred system in today’s context – Nuclear Family or Joint Family?

  • Your introductory paragraph should be along the lines –
  • ‘The advent of technology has helped shrink the world enormously. Now, even a person living in a remote country is just a phone call or a mail away. Moreover, the exponential rise in population has translated into thorough constriction of space. Also, jobs have become more demanding and office-goers find their time tables drastically disturbed. Let’s check out the reasons that make me prefer a nuclear family over a joint family.’

  • How the successive paragraphs go
  • Of course, the successive paragraphs should place the strengths and weaknesses of both the joint and nuclear family. In an argumentative essay, you cannot treat any side in a step-motherly way. Both sides should be given due space and emphasis.

  • Clear and understandable
  • Your writing style should be clear and easily understandable, so that a larger audience can identify with it. You cannot lace the work with undue complicated words where functional words would suffice. Actually, the argumentative essay gets an exalted dimension in the hands of a cultured writer.

  • It is your perspective
  • You should be clear of the fact that the essay is your perspective; not an accepted maxim. Also, you cannot draw conclusions in the introductory paragraph. You should prepare the readers for the eventual paragraphs so that they can encounter the staunch logics you put forth in favor of one side of the argument.

  • Begin smartly
  • A job well begun is a job half done. This maxim holds good for the argumentative essay as well. You cannot mess with the introduction in any way. Begin smartly and the rest of the case becomes easy as snow.

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