Genetics Testing

Genetics testing is used in many different situations in today’s society. This type of test aims to identify any and all changes saw in chromosomes, proteins and in the genes of an individual. In other words genetic testing can detect an array of medical and health problems, even while a child is still in utero. These tests are vital in helping an individual beat the odds or overcome some of the problems they could be facing.

Genetic testing: How it is performed

Genetic testing can be performed in three different methods.

  • Molecular Genetic testing: This is a study of a single set of genes or the short lengths of DNA
  • Chromosomal genetic Testing: This type of test analyzes whole chromosomes to determine genetic changes
  • Biochemical Genetic testing: This test is performed to determine the activity levels of the proteins in the body.

  • Genetic testing is not something that a person is required to take. It has many benefits but there are also many risks and some limitations that should be considered before the testing is performed.

Types of Genetic Tests

There are also several types of genetic tests that can be performed. Again it is all voluntary.

Those include:

  • Newborn Screening: Newborn screening is used shortly after birth to identify any genetic disorders that may be present in the child.
  • Carrier Testing: This is testing done when a woman is pregnant. It is a test that is used to determine if a person carries a specified type of gene mutation that could cause the child to suffer with a genetic disorder.
  • Diagnostic Testing: Another test is the diagnostic test. It is used when specific genetic disorders should be ruled out. It can take place before or after birth at any age.
  • Prenatal Testing: Prenatal testing is used to determine if changes in the fetus’ genes or chromosomes are affected.


While it is voluntary genetic testing can be very usage in a number of different situations. These who think they are at risk of a genetic disorder can opt to have these tests performed. They are conducted by a trained doctor with results soon to follow and changes that can be made in some cases if caught early enough. There are benefits and disadvantages of genetic testing that must be considered before making the decision not have the testing completed, however.

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