Theory and Ideological Critique

An artifact that is found in any location can represent a lot of things. How someone determines the statement an artifact makes can be summed up in ideological critique. This is a process that provides for all of the theories about a culture based on what is seen in an artifact and also about what can be inferred by its existence. This is a very difficult task to complete, as the overall misrepresentation of a group of facts can lead to many misinterpretations and misunderstandings about the way a topic is done. However done correctly it can correctly identify the ideology that is located within an artifact. This has been used in concentrations like Postmodernism and Marxism. The Power of ideological critique is that it can control the will of the people.


Experts in this field look at all artifacts as symbols of a culture and able to explain details about things through analyzation. Looking at particular symbols can define what was happening and how particular markings represent that to the world and to history. This study also takes a look at commonly held philosophical terms and looks closely at them to see if a society actually values these things or if they are a symbol of a much more difficult factor occurring in society. For example in the United States the words of freedom and liberty are often mentioned but using them as an ideograph, you can determine if they are indeed important. They most often are used as an idealistic punch line, to supply some politician with a rhetorical response to a challenge to their election. The actual meanings of liberty and freedom are rarely brought into a discussion, because those definitions are not going to benefit the people in power.

Motivates Behavior

The way that ideals are presented by the government to the masses often dictates the acceptance of governmental action by the masses. For example, if a military action is described as dictatorial and oppressive there wouldn’t be a lot of support. However if the same action were defined as to protect liberty and freedom, then there are many who provide support blindly. This is the real value of this type of rhetoric. It provides a justification of behavior so that a government can gain popular support for a program.


Ideological critique is the way in which an event is analyzed and presented to the public. Often there are broad and general words that have become really meaningless in our society. This is the language of spin doctors and politicians who look to manipulate and misinform. The most valuable lesson a free thinking person can learn is to question everything and not accept the weak explanations of others or in a short phrase, think for yourself.

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