How To Write A Basic Paragraph For An Essay

Paragraphs are groupings of sentences that are all related to one another. An essay is normally composed of five or more paragraphs that are all directly related to one another. The number one thing to keep in mind when writing a paragraph is how each sentence relates to the others. To become a better paragraph writer you must also understand the essential parts of a paragraph, and how they cam be improved to create a well-written composition.

The Basics of Paragraph Writing

Every paragraph usually includes the following elements: a topic sentence, three supporting sentences and a concluding sentence at the end. To create a great paragraph you want to enhance each of these four elements to make them clearer and more concise. You can do this by considering these 4 things:

The Main Idea

Every paragraph should articulate one idea at a time. The idea should be clearly stated within the topic sentence and then expanded upon in the supporting sentences. It is important for writers to consider how each following sentence relates to the main idea. Always think about what you are trying to say. If at any point and time the main idea changes it may be time to being another paragraph.

The Order

The order of how you arrange your paragraph’s sentences also matters. The topic sentence should come first and then be followed by the relevant supporting paragraphs. You want to choose your order using logic. A well-written paragraph should flow naturally and make sense.


Finally, your paragraph should be easy to understand. This means connecting your sentences so that they go together and make sense. The best way to do this is to use transitional words to link different concepts together. Furthermore, you should try to use consistent verb tense and maintain a consistent point of view so that the reader does not get confused and understands what you are trying to say.

Mastering the art of paragraph writing takes a bit of practice. However, once you understand how to compose a basic paragraph you can expand upon that knowledge to become a better writer. Always make sure that your main idea is clear, and that it is written in a logical order. Double-check that your sentences are coherent and make grammatical sense as well as narrative sense. Keeping these things in mind will help you to become a much better writer.

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