A List Of Interesting Business Long Essay Topics: 15 Suggestions

A misconception prevalent among students is the fact that GPA and GMAT scores are the primary factors the B School admissions panel looks for. Their key focus is on YOU! They want to know your true self and why you fit in the Business school.

Here’s where the business essay plays a vital role in binding all the parts of your admission application together and helps in depicting a complete image of you.

9 Do’s to Remember When You Begin to Write

  1. Remember they seek leaders. So present yourself as a person who is proactive
  2. Give away the details that make you a unique personality keeping aside your egoistic nature
  3. To make yourself stand out among the innumerable applicants state the reasons that answer why you belong to the Business school
  4. An exciting and enthusiastic student is what impresses the admission committee so bring your passion in your paper
  5. Be daring and defy opinions to startle the readers
  6. Wish to please the admission panel? Express your unorthodox attitude towards B School
  7. To support your thesis there is no better way than mentioning interesting instances from your real life and how it shaped you as a person
  8. Some openness and humor isn’t restricted. If it shows your real self you may go ahead with it

4 General Business Paper Topics

    - Debt culture: Should there be caution signs on credit cards? - Performance based pay: Should the basic wage be eradicated? - Social media privacy laws: Employees need or dream? - Recession Dread: Rising competition or more stress?

4 International Business Paper Topics

    - Call center outsourcing to India a cost cutting tactic. Is the service quality compromised? - Is the Debt Crisis in Europe taking a toll on the US small businesses? - What’s the actual cost of outsourcing IT departments? - What are the future actions planned for safeguarding water, energy and food?

4 Argumentative Business Essay Topics

    - Must all brands utilize social media accounts? - Can viral marketing substitute rest of the advertizing types? - Should the tobacco business be indebted to contribute to lung cancer research? - Can laws for gun control ruin the firearm business?

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