French Coursework Help: Conducting a Thoughtful Analysis

The French culture and language are widely regarded to be among the most enchanting and fascinating in the entire world. However, as a student working on challenging French coursework, it’s easy to become distracted from this fact and neglect the beauty and richness of the culture.

Learning any new language is difficult, but doing so while remaining thoughtful and culturally astute is an even harder balance to strike. Don’t let the difficulty of your French assignments get you down! Here are a few ways to stay mindful while working on your foreign language coursework.

Keep European History in Mind

Language and culture are strongly influenced by historical circumstances. Whenever you work on your French homework, try to envision the history that informed the words you are using. Don’t just pay attention to French political or religious history; consider the whole of Europe, and take into account what was happening throughout the continent and how that might have affected word usage and speaking style. Apply this logic to all your French assignments, whether you are reading old French literature or contemporary books about food preparation.

Consider the Culture of the Time

When taking in a piece of French culture (such as a film or book), think not only of the historical context, but also the cultural context of the time period. France may be a Western European nation that shares many aspects with the United States, but it is also a rich and distinct culture in its own right, with a variety of unique cultural practices, gender role expectations, food practices, and religious beliefs. If you are uncertain about the cultural milieu of a particular era, ask your instructor or conduct some basic online research.

Don’t Forget the Arts

French culture has long been lauded for its high appreciation of the arts. Whenever you are communicating in French or completing French assignments, keep the nation’s rich artistic history in the forefront of your mind.

Spend some time reflecting on the visual art of famous French painters and sculptors. Listen to music composed or performed by French artists when working on your homework, to help give you a sense of the country’s artistic legacy. Study up on the history and present of French cooking, and attempt a few recipes yourself (or at least taste some unfamiliar French cuisine). While you are studying the French arts, remember the more obscure art forms that are especially popular in the country, such as champagne and cheese making, or the crafting of fine perfumes.

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