Tips And Tricks On How To Write Strong Summary Essay Examples

Summary essays are that kind of writing which are shorter than the source. There is a continuous repetition of ideas, which are mentioned in the original source but in different parts of the text.

Make sure to understand the source first. Without will not first having a clear idea of what the original essay you will not be able to write a strong summary essay. The purpose of this type of summary essay is to present an understanding to the audience about the original piece writing. Your summary essay will serve the purpose of being a substitute for the source. Do not misguide the audience or write anything that is not mentioned in the essay. Stick to the information that is given in the source. The key to a successful summary essay is to minimize the interpretation to the maximum.

Follow this format to write your summary essay

  • The introduction
  • This is usually of one paragraph and contains a thesis statement summarizes the main point of the source. Keep in mind that this thesis statement is not your main point; it is the main point of the source. You have to summarize the entire text of the source.

  • The body

This part of the summary essay paraphrases and condenses all the information mentioned in the source. Here you have to include the important points and omit minor points. Add examples so you can develop interest in the summary. Do not include your own opinion or ideas in this type of essay. Keep a close attention on writing your own words not your own idea.

In a summary essay, there is no conclusion. Once you have summarized the text of the main source then your summary is finished. Do not add any concluding paragraph until and unless you are told to.

You must keep one thing in mind while writing a summary essay. The readers should not find your essay full of fluff and repetition. This will lose the impression of your paper and all your efforts will be wasted. Make sure to maintain the quality of your essay. You might get a low grade if your essay lacks enough information.

It is very important that you discuss all the points systematically. If you miss out something important then chances are that the reader will not like your essay

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