Academic writing ideas: how to avoid accidental plagiarism

When you’re writing an academic paper or essay, it’s very important to be original and for your work to stand out. Your teacher is not only looking for uniqueness but there cannot be any plagiarism involved. If you’re wondering how to avoid plagiarising something by mistake, keep reading. Plagiarism occurs when several words in a row appear in the same order in another essay or on the internet. Even though there are so many people in the world and so many articles, essays, books, and other content written every day, plagiarism doesn’t often happen by accident.

Using a Template for your Academic Paper

If you decide that, you want to use another person’s paper or a free sample to outline your own paper from, that’s when you need to be careful. Sometimes you can be reading some research or a template and then go to write some of your first draft and since you remember the exact wording, you can write it down the same way without realizing you aren’t writing it in your own words. If you want to check for this, have your template in Microsoft word or other word processing software and take a few words from your own essay to search for duplicates. Comparing them closely like this will make sure you don’t accidently copy your template. Outside of using a template, there’s very little chance for you to accidentally use the same wording as another website or academic paper. If you are still worried about it, you can copy some of your paper into a search engine and make sure none of the results is exactly like yours.

Writing an academic paper is a big undertaking, and can be a lot of work. After doing all the research and writing, you don’t want to find out after that that some of it accidently matches another person’s work. Use these steps to do the best you can in writing a paper that’s original and in your own words. The best thing that you can focus on is getting good sources, putting together your research and writing a great academic essay that your teacher will be impressed by. After that, try a few of the tips in this article and then you can hand in your academic work worry free. Most students never have to think about accidental plagiarism and it’s not a common problem.

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