Free Essay Help Online - a Myth or Reality?

The idea of essay help online is a very real thing. There are thousands of students around the globe that use it regularly. It’s a simple equation, really: you can pay someone to do your homework for you, money in exchange for a grade. But are there any free services out there? Let’s explore that further.

At the very best, a free paper service will have already written, standardized papers that other students have used already. You can’t guarantee that you’ll find what you need for a specific topic, and it’s probably been graded by another teacher in another country before. You run the risk of plagiarism and getting a worse grade than you might have gotten writing it yourself.

It’s really about value: is it worth a low cost to you to have your paper written? If it isn’t, then you either don’t care about your grades or you really can’t afford to pay for it. With some exceptions, generally higher priced things are of a better quality and value. If you want an expert writer versus a mediocre one, you have to pay more for it. It’s as simple as that. Now if it doesn’t matter to you, then go right ahead and use one of the mass produced free ones to save yourself time and money. You’ll get an okay but not brilliant grade on it. At worst, your teacher will find out that you copied it, and call you on cheating. At least with paid services with custom written papers, you are handing in something that you created (with your money, even though you didn’t create it with your brain or pencil) and it isn’t plagiarizing because it’s original.

Free essay help is a reality, but it isn’t as awesome as you might think. The myth is the part that you can think about getting a really good original essay for free and with no work involved. But there are superb services out there who offer paid essay writing for low prices and no compromise on quality. Check out and find professional help with your essay. If you’re simply poor and it’s not because you don’t value the quality of a paid essay, then taking a free one and rewriting it yourself will be the best option. This way, it’s unique, and you didn’t have to do the research or the bulk of the writing. Rewriting is so much easier than writing from scratch.

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