How to Come Up with Intriguing College Essay Topics: Tips and Examples

Writing an essay is quite an interesting task if you are passionate about the subject. The most critical part about writing an essay is choosing an interesting topic. This topic should be able to hook your target audience. The purpose of the topic is to give a direction to your paper and help the readers understand what they will see in the rest of your paper. This article covers a few suggestions you can use for the topic of your paper.

Example topics for intriguing essays

  1. Are football and Hollywood celebrities paid much more than they deserve?
  2. Can a person really control his dreams through concentration?
  3. What is the most successful cross-pollination ever achieved in the history?
  4. Are there enough resources in the world to feed the entire population of all countries?
  5. Which country has the strongest democracy and highest prosperity rate?
  6. Can financial crisis affect marriages and domestic relations?
  7. Why do people tend to exhibit violence and intolerant behavior?
  8. Can music affect the moods of a person and help them in depression and anxiety?
  9. Why children face behavior problems in their early life and school period?
  10. What is the best way to eradicate poverty and hunger from the world?
  11. Does injustice breed evil?
  12. Is extravagation a curse of modern life? Give examples to prove your stance
  13. What are the best prepping techniques every person should be aware of?
  14. What would you do if you had a chance to travel the world? Which place you will visit first and why?
  15. What are the best pest-control methods government should introduce to keep the environment safe from disease?
  16. How can the government prevent monopoly of certain goods and consumables in the industry?
  17. Should the government subsidize medication and health facilities and impose higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol?

These are various topics that you can use in your paper to make it look interesting. It is not important that you find all of these topics relevant. You need to consider those topics that are relevant to your paper. You can even edit and alter these topics to create your own unique topic for the paper. These topics are accessible to number of students so you need to make sure you alter them to make them unique. Moreover, these topics are acceptable if you have got an entry-level writing job and trying to find out something interesting to complete your order.

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