University Essay Editing Tips

Each time you write and edit an essay you should have a dictionary, thesaurus and a few encyclopedias on hand because these books are necessary for proper editing of an essay. You need the dictionary and thesaurus in order to ensure that you used certain words in the proper context of the topic you're discussing and also for proper grammar such as spelling and punctuation. Encyclopedias are helpful in editing your essay because they help you verify certain facts that you included in the essay. If you want to avoid plagiarized material in the essay, you should download a plagiarism detection tool such as Copyscape. Get your professor or a classmate to look over the essay to see if there are things that need to be clarified more for the reader to understand.

Examine Your Topic for Relevance and Interest to Readers

Another thing you want to do is evaluate the topic to determine if it is relevant and engaging enough for readers because when you have an overused and boring essay topic, readers will lose interest. For example, if you are covering the topic of the lives of Jewish women during the early 20th century in Israel, this may be more interesting than a broad topic about gender roles in Jewish culture because you're discussing a specific period of time for Jewish women living in Israel.

Check The Title of Essay

You may also need to examine the title of the essay to make sure that it is unique and catchy enough for readers to become interested in your essay. If you struggle with finding the right topic, you can read a few sample essay titles to get inspiration for your essay titles.

Consider The Required Format

If the professor requires you to write the essay in MLA or APA format, you need to edit the essay in such a way that it is typed according to the proper format. This is important because when you don't use the proper formatting, you lose out on points and it leads to a lower grade on the essay.


It is important that you edit your essay because it makes it look more professional. If necessary, let the essay sit for two days and then return to the essay so that you will have better clarity in how you edit the essay. Refer to instructional books on editing essays and you can also watch online videos on these topics.

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