Effective tricks on how to write a summary of an essay

Summary is a condensation of idea and information into few concise sentences. The main idea is to discuss the thesis of the content. The most important requirement for summary writing is that you have first gone through the content you are asked to summarize.

Know the material you plan on summarizing. Read it thoroughly and then review it as much as you can. Break the content into several sections and then try making pointers out of those sections. Smaller sections are comparatively easier to summarize. Once you are done then use these section summaries to get a better and precise understanding of your essay content.

Make sure your highest priority is on describing the information that is in the essay. Read the essay and then think about it. Distinguish the main point of your essay.

As a writer of a summary, you have to follow this path:

  • Look at the finished essay
  • Find out the main argument or information
  • Make a rough outline
  • The start writing down the crux of the essay

Once you sit down to write the summary, make sure to keep the original essay out of your sights. Only keep the draft outline in front of you and the start writing supporting on the main idea that you were able to understand from the essay. Using the outline or smaller summaries would help you in constructing your words into sentence structures.

After you are done with your summary writing, tally it for information with the original essay. See if the information you have put in your summary is the same as the one mentioned in the essay.

Make sure you do not make any judgment or present your perspective in the summary. If you have made that mistake then UN-do it

You can mention a few examples in your summary if they are linked with the main idea.

Send your summary with a brief sentence about the conclusion of your essay

Do not write comments as to whether the essay was well written or not. This is because it is simply not required.

Do not mention the author’s name or the title in the summary

Be as direct and to the point as you can. Do not write any irrelevant information

While writing a summary keep in mind that “less is more.” Keep it simple and avoid exaggerations.

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