Main Indicators Of A Top Notch Essay Writing Service

To find a top-notch essay writing service you have to know what to look for and that start with knowing if the site is a scam. Here are some sure signs that the site is a scam:

  • They list the types of essays they offer.
  • They have tons of positive testimonials on their site.
  • All of the photos they use are stock photos.
  • They have a customer helpline, which basically means it is for them to sell you, not help you.
  • They have free samples all over their site.
  • They give you an order form to fill out instead of giving you something custom to fill out.
  • Look at their about us page, if it sounds like they are trying to sell you and don’t talk about their service without selling you then it’s a scam.

Main Indicators It’s A Good Essay Writing Service

  • The first thing you want to look at is their website. It should have no grammar errors and is well written. It should also offer you customization to your instructions given to you from your professor. Looking for code that doesn’t go anywhere and make sure that the site is updated regularly, if it has been a year since it was last updated, that’s a bad sign.
  • Check the websites prices to other of its kind, it they are all around the same price then they are probably legitimate. Most legitimate sites will charge you between twenty and forty dollars a page but some might offer a lower price because of a discount. If they charge you less than that then they are probably not going to give you the best essay. You also want to look at the order form, most sites use these and they should be very detailed so you can tell them everything you need and professional.
  • Looking and see if they have social media sites, legit ones will put them up to get feedback from their customers but some might not be very up to date but that could be because the customers want to remain anonymous because they don’t want to risk getting caught. This will also give you some more information on the company as well, which can help you choose the right one. The good thing about these sites is you can find complaints on them easily if you search for them.

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