The Process of Writing an A+ Evaluation Essay

Students in College and University typically tackle writing assignments with one goal in mind. “How am I going to land that A+ and bring up my grade point average?” Achieving anything less then an A, can be discouraging especially for academically motivated individuals. This is completely understandable especially when you take into account the competition for scholarships and grants as well has the future job market. There is also something to be said about wanting to do your best simply for a sense of pride and accomplishment.

What would you say if I told you that it was possible to land that coveted A+ evaluation grade on every single writing assignment that you do? It may sound pretty outrageous, but there are a few secrets that the best students know that dramatically improve the quality of their writing and genuinely impress their instructors.

No, I can’t write the essay for you, but I can give you a list of top tricks that will ultimately improve the quality of your written work and land you a higher grade.

Top Tips To Improve Your Essay

  1. Thorough Research
  2. Let’s face it, you can’t write a great essay without a bit of original research. Although I am certain, that the piece that you pull together from memory and some scattered classroom notes is just top-notch. An A grade paper typically has some research involved.

  3. A Coherent and Strong Thesis
  4. Whatever conclusion that you come to from your research doesn’t really matter as much as your ability to defend it with a strong thesis. Smart writers know that the best approach is landing on final deduction that can be backed up with plenty of solid evidence.

    When you state your thesis be very clear about what you are trying to say. Don’t sit in the grey area of an issue, pick a side and make your case whole-heartedly with genuine insight.

  5. Drafts and Outlines
  6. This is everyone’s favorite step to skip, but let me tell you now that drafting and outlining will only improve the quality of your work. Not to mention it actually saves you time in the long run.

  7. Write With Structure
  8. Remember all those writing structure lessons from grade school; this is where they come in handy. Always try to remember the basic formatting rules for formal and informal essays. No matter how wonderful your ideas are if they are presented properly, you will not get the top grade that you are after.

  9. Cite Your Sources Properly
  10. Please do not argue with this concept, JUST DO IT. All sources need to be cited in proper MLA format. Simply, knowing how to cite a source accurately is a vital life skill. Learn how to do it, and make it a mandatory habit for all the work that you submit.

  11. Proofread and Edit Then Proofread and Edit Again.

I can’t emphasize enough how important this last step is. Even if its 4am in the morning an your fresh out of coffee, don’t ever submit a paper for grading “as is”. Try and complete all of your essays a few days in advance, and give yourself a chance to look your own work over with fresh eyes.

Be critical of your own work, if you wouldn’t give yourself an A+ why should your instructor?

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