Fresh Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas For College And High School Students

Searching for decent topics for your argumentative essay should stem from your own way of thinking. This is always better than trying to come up with topics you think your teacher will like. You are already original in your current personality; it’s just a matter of putting your ideas and opinions on paper. Here are some ways to do this effectively.

Where to look for topics

Instead of making a focused effort on looking for topics, explore your own world and learn to spot things that are important to you within your social circles. Talk to some of your friends, go to the library section you would usually gravitate to, or simply scour the internet with an inquisitive disposition. In short, take an issue that genuinely concerns you and turn it into a topic for your argumentative essay.

How to identify fresh topics

If you find a topic that you feel you can work with, put it to the test in search engines. If you find that your topic has already been explored, ask yourself three questions:

  • Can I expand on this topic more so than what’s already been done?
  • Would I be able to approach this topic from a different angle?
  • Could the material that’s out there inspire me to create a fresh essay on the same topic?

If you answered “yes” to at least two of these questions, feel free to take your own direction and write on the topic in a unique way. If not, see if you can tweak the topic to be more original.

Understanding the nature of argumentative writing

Remember that this is going to be personal to you and you should write with conviction about your topic. Check whether there are enough facts to back up your argument before you write. The more research you do before you start, the more convincing your essay will be. Your objective is to persuade, not just argue aimlessly.

Some suggestions

  1. Why makeup for young girls is immoral
  2. How anyone can set a new trend
  3. Celebrity gossip says very little about our society
  4. Reading versus television: Why reading is infinitely better
  5. Internet versus the library: Why legwork research is better than instant results
  6. The media: Why so many teenage girls have low self worth
  7. When parents should just let go
  8. Verbal bullying is worse than physical bullying

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