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Having Epilepsy as a child and growing up with it, is tough, and is hard on both parent and child. But when it is not detected and you grow up with it, it can be much worse. My first seizure that I knew of, was after I turned fifty, then slowly started getting worse. Sometimes I would go a week with no seizures, and sometimes one a day. But they would get worse when they happened.

In my case, stuttering combined with body tremors was the first clue to my seizures. I had body tremors all the time, from a kid through my adult years. Added to the fact I had an issue with the stuttering, were signs that someone should have looked at. But no one had put the clues together and had it checked out. Another issue that caused my Doctor to believe I had epilepsy was a history of waking up sore and unrested, along with hard to move, and disoriented.

After I turned fifty, my seizures started to come during the day as well. At first they would be Complex Partial Seizure, meaning that I was aware of what was going on, but had no ability to respond or stop it. It is like being trapped in your own body and being able to see, hear, smell, but not able to respond, ask for help, or stop the seizure. But slowly they grew worse, and more serious.

The seizures had also started coming in groups within three years of unchecked advancement. Being in Tulsa, Ok. at the time, I could not find any Doctor that could figure out the problem. I had then took advice from some friends, and moved to a town just outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and seen the Doctors there. It took them only a short time to examine and a five day stay in the hospital to figure out what was going on. Now knowing what the problem is, Epilepsy, and being put on Dilantin I am beginning to live a more normal life. But now I am having to learn my Auras, the signs my body gives before a seizure takes place. (H. Michael O'Connor, MD and William H. Blahd, Jr., MD) And stay on my medicine, as these are important for anyone with this disorder. Followed with blood tests for my Dilantin levels.

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