Useful Guidelines on How to Write a Persuasive Essay for High School

The point of a persuasive essay is to convince the audience of something. You want them to agree with your point of view by the end of the essay. There are ways to do this more effectively than some other essays. Some persuasive essays can fall short and end up not changing anyone’s mind at all. Others, more well written essays, on the other hand may be able to change the mind of everyone who reads it. It is all in the presentation. Here are some helpful guidelines to follow for the best possible persuasive essay.

What to do

  • Pick a strong topic that has good controversy

  • Be well organized

  • Argue your point the best you can with the most possible information

Pick a strong topic

The topic that you choose will be the most important part of your essay. Your topic can either be weak or strong. A good topic for a persuasive essay is one with two distinct sides that contradict each other and the best of them are controversial. Picking the topic is only half of the battle. Then you decide which side of the topic you are on. This should depend on which side you can best defend. A good topic lays the whole foundation for the essay as a whole.

Be well organized

You should do research, enough to prove your point strongly. While doing this research, take good notes. The better organized you are, the better the essay will turn out. An outline can act as the blueprint for the essay and show you what points to put where and make the writing easier. The more well organized the essay is, the better your points will come across.

Argue your point

When making your point make sure that you argue strongly for your point of view. You have to be able to state your facts and information in a way that cannot be refuted. There will always be another side to it, however if you do your job than it will seem like your point of view is the correct one. Hopefully that will change the minds of the people reading it or at least make it interesting and well written enough to get you a good grade.

Changing someone’s mind can be difficult but if you argue your point well enough you may just be able to plant a seed of doubt in their minds. Maybe even enough to change their position on the subject. This is the point of the persuasive essay. You persuade the reader to think of the topic as you illustrated it.

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