What is the key to making a good PowerPoint Presentation?

The way that you can make a good PowerPoint presentation lies in the words and pictures you use. Don’t overuse animations or effects just to make it look pretty, because that only detracts and distracts from the important parts. You need to have a certain order to things for it to really work with your speech. Writing a presentation and picking the right images really has to go along with what you’re talking about because your words are the most important part – the audience's attention will mostly be on you. The presentation is just there as an aid.

How to Make a Good Presentation

If you haven’t already written and perfected your speech, go do that first. Finishing the speech is the most important part, because your presentation should be made to go with your speech, not the other way around. When you need to do a PowerPoint for your project, it should rely on what you’re talking about first. Now that you have a great speech in hand, keep reading to find out more about making a great presentation to go along with it:

  • You should have mostly pictures and very little text
  • Don’t write the exact same thing that you’ll be saying out loud on your slides
  • Don’t plan to read directly from your slides during the speech
  • Use diagrams and charts that are related to your topic
  • Have the words (if any) be poignant, meaningful and catchy
  • Avoid effects and fancy gimmicks
  • Have a friend watch your presentation or practicing doing your speech, and see what they think
  • Look at other speeches online to get an idea

Now that you know some of the things that make a good presentation, you can create one for yourself. Making a PowerPoint isn’t all that hard, and if you need help with the technical setup, you can talk to your teacher or classmates about it. Finding the pictures and choosing what to say for text on some slides might be the hardest part for most students, but if you remember your main topic and focus on that, it should go smoothly. For the most part, creating a good PowerPoint presentation doesn’t matter too much, as long as it’s simple and relevant, because your speech and the words you say will be what people pay the most attention to. The speech is the real important part.

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