Create A Strong, Critical Analysis Essay On Farewell To Arms

In this analysis essay there will be different situations that are to be looked at and visualized how different statements that were made to carry more than one meaning. The wonderful thing about this particular novel is that it was written by a writer that in his time, and era of strong language, and how open his sexual writing made him considered a pioneer in the critic’s opinion. The story was set in the time of the First World War, and like most of his work taken from one of his actual life’s adventures. Fredric Henry, was an American officer who worked as an ambulance driver. He was a man who carried a certain rough type of attitude when it came to the world, and war which were topics of serious sort to Hemingway’s audience. Fredric was injured and met a nurse of English decent who’s name was Catharine Barkley, who was working and stationed in Milan.

Love is in the Air

Hemingway had the two fall in love, which made everything that they were involved in seem a little bit fresher, and brighter through the eyes of the two lovers. In the time that the couple spent together, Catherine became pregnant which would turn out to be a problem for the couple. Fredric could not be any happier in the circumstances he was in; he was in love and carried his child. Unfortunately for Fredric, Catherine did not want to accept her lover’s proposal of marriage. Fredric was now confused and disheartened by the chain of events, so he made the decision to desert from military and go to his lover. Feeling like the military were closing in on him, the two decided to go to Lausanne to wait for the birth of their child. The events of misfortune continued for Fredric as in the process of the child’s birth, Catherine and the baby both died, leaving him alone standing in the rain. Calloused by the things that had happen to him since arriving, he felt that the world all but forgot about him, deepening his loneliness.

Real Emotions from Real People

Hemingway suggests that the only real emotions people can hold on to are from individual relationships, not from the abstract ideas from things like honor of being a soldier, or the actions in the time of war. Looking back on the way he carried himself, and spoke, Fredric was a man who had nothing tying him down, and did not have any idea why he was participating in the war. After being wounded and going through the emotions that come with that injury, he realized the importance of being alive and wanting to build a life with Catherine. Using his desertion as a way of finding a certain amount of peace within him, when all seems lost in the area of love, and hope for a better life, Fredric felt that a person had to be part of and engaged in the story of life no matter what the unforgiving world had in store for him.

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