Sociology Current Event

Many students engage in the events that occur in order to teach and understand Sociology. When you are studying Sociology, you are studying the emotional and mental growth of human beings, the structure and build of the relationships that humans engage in, and the ways that humans function within society. There are a number of ways that you can go about understanding and evaluating these various elements of human life. One of the best ways to study Sociology is through the interpretation and understanding of current events in the field. There are so many current events surrounding Sociology that is it hard to pick one to focus on. However, one of the greatest current events in Sociology news is that there is a study that claims there is a formula for happiness.

On December 14, 2013, Arthur C. Brooks posted an article that was titled “A Formula For Happiness” to the New York Times, Sunday Review. It was in this article that the exploration for what exactly makes different people feel the emotion that is classified as “happy.” It turns out that the combined forty years of studying the idea and act of becoming happy, as a human being is a unique recipe for each individual. While there are different specifics that go in to calculating how people become happy, there are a couple of elements to life that contribute to the process for all humans. The three key ingredients as reported in this current event article included the genetics of the person being studied, the events that happened in that person’s life, and the values that he or she held as important in life. Even though happiness can be attributed to the same formula for all human beings, the ingredients in the formula are unique for every individual. For instance, while some humans are interested in physical appearance, others could not care less about how he or she looks. Therefore, the values of the individuals are different and this will create a unique equation for each person.

While there are the consistent categories of the genetics, events, and what each individual views as being valuable, there are unique variables for each individual person. Therefore, the formula for happiness is far from a one size fits all solution. It is more of a one equation tailored to suit each person kind of solution that can be applied to each individual in his or her own way.

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