How to Come Up with Intriguing Term Paper Topics

Coming up with a topic for your term can be deceptively difficult. It is a slippery process for the very reason that in each field there is an explosion of information. Since there is no shortage of things to debate and research on, you can end up becoming utterly confused. However, do not let exasperation get the better of you. Most students have at least a general idea of what they would write about. Even if you do not have the slightest inclination towards anything at the moment, there are ways to reach a decision. Follow the following steps to come up with an intriguing topic for your term paper:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and write down the different areas that are in the scope of your course. You can do this by going through your textbooks and past assignments.
  2. Read these areas to determine which ones interest you the most. If you are lucky you will find only one area that, you like the best. If you like more than one area you will now have to either decide amongst them or go to the next step.
  3. Now divide your favorite areas into categories. Each area of your course comprises of various categories and sub categories. For example, Area: Crime, Category: Violence.
  4. Read the categories you have listed and select the ones you think are fertile for a term paper. Make your interest and passion your guide. A good topic is one that you want to research and write about. Of course, other factors such as relevance and usefulness are important measures too.
  5. Now pick up the best categories and list their subcategories. For example, Area: Crime, Category: Violence, Subcategory: Child abuse.
  6. By now, your interest must have become pretty clear to you. You can now start approaching this subcategory from various angles. A topic will occur to you from the questions you ask about the subcategory.

If you still find it hard to go from here on, you can read newspapers and magazines, or academic journals to find exact topics. Internet search can also help you once your subcategory is clear. You can also get help with term paper writing from professional online writing services if nothing else works out. Writing agencies can assist you from the stage of idea and topic development to the completion of your assignment.

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