What to Avoid While Writing a Term Paper in Mathematics

Math requires research just like any other subject. While you may think math stays in the format of solving an equation or a word problem, there are a number of papers that people have written to help explain the formulas you take for granted. When you are forced to write a mathematics term paper, you may feel out of place. You'll be just fine. Just know a couple things to avoid when writing your paper.

Avoid Superfluous Explanation

Keep it simple. Math papers are difficult enough as it is. When you overly explain a topic, it doesn't add to the clarity. It only confuses people more. Don't use symbols and letters you don't need to explain something that you already explained with words. This is not to say don't use examples. You should use numerous examples. However, you need to understand the difference between examples and using symbols merely to look flashy.

Avoid Unnecessary Notations

Of course, every claim in your paper should be supported properly. But, considering how convoluted your paper can easily become, make a point to put things together when possible to avoid cluttering your paper with multiple notations when it could have been condensed.

Avoid Going off Topic

When explaining something in your paper, it can be easy to go off and start talking about other topics in mathematics. Don't do this. Stay on track. Remember that everything you write should apply to your topic. If you're not sure, ask yourself why you are explaining what you are explaining.

Being concise and clear is really the key to a successful mathematics term paper. Especially with such complicated material, you need to keep things as simple as possible.

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