How to Write an Article Critique?

There are times in college courses where you may be asked to critique a previously written article, and if you are facing such an obstacle, don't panic. Critiquing an article isn't as hard as you may think, if you know how to do it properly. Following a few simple steps can get you a great paper without a lot of stress.

Take notes

Before you even begin writing, take notes of the article you plant to critique. If a quote stands out to you, or if you feel strongly about something the author says, take a note of it. Any thoughts you have a need to be jotted down and then you can flesh them out after you have the initial notes written down.

Mention the work you are critiquing

The first thing you need to do in the paper is mention the work you are critiquing. You need to tell the name of the article, the author, when it was published, where it was published, and give a summary of what the article is about. This will set the stage for the rest of your critique. Use your take on this article as your thesis statement and make it interesting to keep your audience reading more.

Make your argument

Make at least three points to argue your side and put them in order by least important to most important, or chronologically if they go in such an order. If you have one point that has more information that the others, list it in the middle so as to fill out the essay. If you are unsure about how to make your points, break down the article, paragraph by paragraph, to yourself and then pull out the points the author makes. If you agree and have reasons why, list those first. List anything you disagree with after points you agree with and list facts as to why you disagree. Try to limit each point to one paragraph.

Always have a conclusion

While it's easy to have an introduction thanks to the material you are critiquing, it isn't always as easy to have a conclusion. Conclusions should not introduce new ideas, and they should neatly summarize the points you have made in four to six sentences. Do not leave off a conclusion.

When critiquing an article, take notes, organize thoughts, make bullet points for each critique or thought you have, always mention the work you're critiquing, and have a conclusion. Article critiques aren't much different than essay writing if you know how to properly write them.

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