Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is can be more that just going into a place of work and shooting up the place. This kind of violence is rare and you are more likely to get killed on your way to work than at your place of work. Workplace violence like this does happen though and it can be hard to prevent because you never know when someone might snap and take lives. Besides this kind of violence at the workplace there are several other kinds of violence that can take place at a workplace.

Aggression in the workplace is one of the most common violence that happens, you have probably experienced at least one of these situations working a one place or another. One way that people are affected by violence in a workplace is verbal, which can be passive, active, direct, and indirect. One form of verbal violence is passive indirect, which is when fellow coworkers or you don’t deny rumors about others or don’t give information to squash the rumor. The direct way that violence is conveyed this way is to not return calls or give the person the silent treatment.

If the person is being verbal active indirect they will spread rumors or belittle everything you do. If they are direct with this kind of violence then you will be insulted or even yelled at. Physical passive and active violence is difficult to live with in your workplace. They can passive indirectly torment you with cause you to get in trouble for something that you didn’t do or delaying you in someway to make you fail. Passive direct is when someone changes your schedule to a bad shift or if you have to give a presentation then they might make sure that the least amount of people can attend.

Physical active is the worst that can happen in a workplace. If a person is using active indirect against you, they could steal from you, destroy your belongings, or even take things from you that you need. Active direct is where the most violence can happen; this is being physically attacked, being nonverbal with inappropriate gestures against another person. Because of workplace violence like these examples, companies have to have meetings and seminars to educate their employees on how to act in the workplace. These can reduce the violence but it can’t always be prevented with these meetings, sometimes people just snap and take innocent lives.

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