Who can help you write your essay

If you need your paper written, you can go with either an essay writing service or freelance writer. Both come with their own pros and cons, but both can be extremely useful in getting your essay completed. What you want in both kinds of help is that they can write your paper quickly and that they can do a great job on it.

Essay Writing Service

These services work on a pricing model of an accumulated price multiplied by the number of pages that need to be written. The accumulated price includes the following:

  • Type of paper to be written (dissertation, term paper, research paper, etc.)
  • Level of writer
  • Deadline requested for paper to be written by

In the case of the type of paper, dissertations tend to cost the most. The deadline increases the price depending on how tight it is. Once you get to a few hours, expect for the price to spike. Anything over a week is safe pricing, so turn your assignment in to get it done early. The downside to an essay writing service is that you pay the money upfront.

Freelance Site

Freelance sites give the client most of the power. You can select the maximum price you wish to pay and have potential writers bid on the price. You want to select your writer based on their quality and experience and not their price. The downside to selecting a writer from these kinds of sites is that you have to put the essay up early. Last minute posting won’t help at all because you have to go through a process of selecting/interviewing your writer.

Are They Legit?

The legit nature of both can vary, but more so in the case of essay writing service. It’s not the essay writing industry as a whole, but it is a ridiculously easy business where scam sites and shoddy services can thrive. The best way to get through this is to do research by looking through review sites and college sites. Some college sites will have forums where you can possibly find solid essay writing sites and there might even be articles on the site about those services.

You really want to research the essay writing services to find a reputable one, but you also want to make sure you can get a good price on the sites. Most will have similar pricing per the standard.

In the case of freelancing sites, you only need to worry about if the writer you’ve picked is legit. This is easier to gather. All freelance sites have a star rating for their freelancers. You want to look at a combination of how much work they’ve gotten recently, client feedback, and star rating.

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