Finding Five-Paragraph Essay Examples

Of all the countless essay formats that exist today, the five paragraph essay is, by far, the most common and standard type of essay you will encounter. This format provides the basic structure on which just about every other type of essay is built. Essentially, the five paragraph essay includes one paragraph of introduction (in which your thesis or topic sentence is included); three body paragraphs (wherein you explain your topic or thesis in detail); and a conclusion paragraph (where you summarize your main points and reassert your original thesis or topic sentence). Finding good examples of this type of essay is important because you need to have a strong understanding of the basic structure and format that is used so that, while writing your own five paragraph essay, you can be sure you are on the right track.

  • Tutorial websites online: The internet is a nearly endless database of resources that is easily accessible by almost everyone. There are so many websites online that are designed to help you improve your essay writing skills. Many of these tutorial websites or essay guides will include some great examples of the different types of essays. So check out a few different ones to find a lot of examples of the five paragraph essay.

  • Printed guide books or essay collections: You can also go to your local library (or check out some ebooks online) to find collections of essay samples. Having such books always on hand can be a great reference source that will be handy each time you need to write an essay. There are many guide books being published each year to help students better understand the rules and structure of essays. Find a book dedicated to showing the different forms of essays (including the five paragraph essay) that has a lot of samples which you can reference.

  • Writing or tutoring centers: If you are a college student, your campus might have a writing center or a tutoring center available where you can talk to teachers or other students who can help you find great examples of the five paragraph essay or any other type of essay you need. In addition, they can also give you a few tips on writing or point you in the right direction to find some great resources online or in the library. As a student, these services are often free or already included in your tuition fees so why not take advantage of every resource available to you?

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